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Ethiopia New Trademark Law

Important Notice: Owners of Trade Marks that are already registered in Ethiopia will be required to file new applications no later than 24 June 2014. The Trademark Registration and Protection Proclamation was published in Ethiopia under decree No. 501/2006 in 2006 but...

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Virgin Group

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies. Richard Branson's first business venture at the age of 16 was a magazine called Student. His net worth as of March 2013 is $4.6 Billion and he is the 6th...

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The Counterfeit Goods Act

Counterfeit goods are imitations and infringements of genuine products. Counterfeit goods are usually imported into South Africa, mostly from the East, but are sometimes manufactured in South Africa. Counterfeit goods are usually sold at flea markets, over the...

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