Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner

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According to Kylie Jenner there’s only room for one “Kylie” in entertainment. The reality star Jenner has filed a U.S. trademark applications for the term “Kylie” in connection with both advertising and entertainment services. Kylie Minogue has been performing under that name for many years now, and her brand is strong.

Kylie Minogue’s representatives, KDB, filed a notice of opposition to Jenner’s trademark applications for both advertising and entertainment. Writing on her behalf that Kylie Jenner is a ‘secondary reality television personality’ who has received criticism from various communities, and they do not want Jenner to dilute her brand.

KDB also cited existing trademark registrations for the terms ‘Kylie’ that cover entertainment services and music recordings:
“Kylie Minogue darling”
“Lucky, the Kylie Minogue musical”
“Kylie Minogue.”